Meet the Team

Since 1986 Homeward Bound has been the most trusted home inspection company in Michigan, completing more than 70,000 inspections.  No company can succeed without an outstanding team, and Homeward Bound has the best of the best.  

The entire Homeward Bound team has an eagerness to serve.  Our inspectors are chosen based on many factors.  Not only must they be knowledgeable about house and construction, but also have exemplary communication skills and an ability to educate clients.  

As inspectors go through our training program, they learn to view each home as a challenge - to take the 2-4 hours of an inspection and put all the visual clues into a clear and concise report so that you, the home buyer can make an educated decision moving forward.  

As you read through the bios of our team, know that we all care about where we fit in the home buying process.  From answering the phone to showing up to your new home, we care.

Thanks for taking the time to learn about us.

Bob Wood

Bob has been a home inspector with Homeward Bound for 29 years.  With nearly 30 years of experience and as a co-owner of the company, he is honored to help clients make one of the biggest decisions they will ever make.  

Bill Wood

With 29 years of experience, Bill is a co-owner of Homeward Bound.  He loves having the opportunity to meet homeowners young and old, and help make their home safe and livable.  

Vince Esteban

Vince Esteban came to Homeward Bound in 1990 with a perfect credential, a degree in construction management from MSU. Since then he has performed over 10,000 home inspections.  In an industry where nothing can replace experience, Vince has very few equals among his peers. 

Marc Anderson

Marc was born and raised in Northern Michigan where, at a young age, he was brought into the family building business.  Growing up on the job site, he followed the family tradition to learn all the trades and have a better understanding of how to truly build a home from the ground up.  More recently, Marc uses his talents as a project manager on commercial building projects.  

Jackie Gravlin

Jackie began working for Homeward Bound as an administrative assistant in 2006.  In 2010 she happily took over the position of office manager.  Working with a competent office staff and a great team of inspectors makes her work day enjoyable.  Jackie believes that aiding people in the process of making one of the biggest purchase decisions of their life is always rewarding.