Why choose us?

Why use Homeward Bound for all of your home inspection needs? The answer is simple: The Homeward Bound Advantage. Upon closing on the sale of your new home, Homeward Bound offers the following as part of it's exclusive Homeward Bound Advantage program:

  • Very qualified inspectors 
  • Full time highly capable office staff 
  • Online scheduling 
  • 90-day protection plan 
  • Unlimited future consultations 
  • Troubleshooting the unexpected- when problems arise down the road, we will return to help you troubleshoot any issue 
  • Hiring contractors/evaluating bids- we can help you weed through the fine print and pick the best option. 
  • Product recommendations- from back up sumps to attic insulation, we know what works best. 
  • Project evaluations- when a big job is completed, like a new roof or a furnace installation, give us the chance to give it our stamp of approval before you make the final payment. 
  • Regular reminders- we will not bombard you with emails, but we will send you some timely reminders, i.e. winterize your irrigation systems, turn on/off your humidifier, test your smoke alarms.

Home ownership should be a great experience - Let Homeward Bound help to make it one.